If you want to make sure that your dance floor is full and your guests are having a great time, here are 5 simple tips to creating a memorable reception:

Tip #1: Don’t Assume… ASK!

Ask your friends and family what makes them get on the dance floor. It may not be one of the top requested songs that most DJs are planning to play.

Tip #2: Ask the kids too! 

Weddings are family affairs – so be sure to include the kids when you ask what music you want to hear.

Tip #3: Mix it up.

Be sure you include music from across the generations. Grandma may want to hear some standards to get her in the spirit..

Tip #4: Keep dancing in mind. 

Leave those mid-tempo radio favorites out of your dance mix – put them in your dinner playlist or in the cocktail hour music.  The same goes with some of your more unique choices.  People will get up and dance to familiar favorites, so put your more eclectic choices in your cocktail or dinner hours, or use them for your special songs like the cake cutting or garter toss.

Tip #5: Model good behavior.

If you want your friends and family out on the dance floor then put yourself in the middle of the action. They’ll all want to dance if you are dancing too!.

You can get started on your perfect playlist by signing up for Mixteka and inviting your guests to recommend music:

Mixteka is a DIY wedding music solution. Mixteka lets Brides & Grooms, or Brides & Brides, or Grooms & Grooms invite friends to recommend music and share why the songs are important to them. Couples can begin with a themed music plan then easily personalize all the crazy-special parts of the reception with the recommendations or their special music selections. The Mixteka player arrives, plug-and-play ready, in advance of their wedding with all the music included, including optional pre-recorded Emcee announcements.