When you are planning a wedding, it’s hard to keep everything organized. However, small touches can really make your day unique. Don’t forget about little details like these:

Entrance Decor

Yes, your ceremony space looks beautiful up close but how does it look when you enter? Don’t forget to decorate this area too because you only have one chance to make a first impression!

Escort Cards

When it is time for your guests to find a table, make it easy. These cards are easy to personalize and will keep family members and friends from getting lost in the shuffle.


How the space you’ve chosen look throughout the entire day? Have a look at the lighting provided and add additional lighting if necessary. This will keep everyone safe while they are running from the bar to the dance floor.


You are going to want to remember everything about your big day. Have something set up ahead of time for your guests so that they can leave their mark on the wedding. You can do this in lots of ways, such as having a traditional guest book or renting a photobooth.


This is not just for the reception. Put some thought into the music during the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and cake cutting too. Everything will flow much better with a few good song choices. If you need some help, Mixteka has playlist suggestions that can help you choose the right music from start to finish.

Don’t let the small things slip by on the big day. A few adjustments can make a difference that will make it a better day for you and your guests. Every detail large and small work together to make your wedding the best day ever.

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