You can turn your classic wedding into something totally cool with the help of technology. In 2015, there are tons of ways to make your wedding modern. Check out this list for a few of our favorite ways to bring some of the latest technology to your big day.

Wedding #hashtags

This idea is being talked about everywhere! It is something that everyone can take part in. Using hashtags and social media during your big day will allow you to see what your guests see. Don’t miss a single moment!

Charging stations

If you are enlisting your guests to help you capture your ceremony or reception, this is very important. Set up some charging stations around your venue to make sure that everyone attending your wedding has enough battery to capture everything!

Go-Pro cameras

Attaching one of these to your bouquet can make for some great wedding footage! These cameras will give you a point-of-view perspective when you look back on your wedding.

3-D printing

You will really wow the masses with this one. 3-D printing makes the possibilities endless. You can have it all, from cake toppers to accessories or really personal parting gifts.  We have even seen flowers done with 3-D printing – the sky’s the limit.

Be your own DJ!

Forget the classic wedding band or DJ. Mixteka allows you to choose the music you want for your wedding. The best part is that you can invite your friends and family to be part of the fun. This option is not just extremely modern, it will also save you a good chunk of change. Score!

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