Are you a first time bride who is over 40? Well, congratulations! You are not alone. With many people waiting until later in life to tie the knot these days, being a first time bride over forty is becoming more and more common every year.

You have waited a long time to find the right person to take this step with and now it’s time to plan your big day.  Whether you choose private and personal or a big blow out, it should be your style – not your age – that is the determining factor of what your wedding will be.

Unfortunately, we know that first time brides over forty often have mixed emotions when it comes to planning their wedding. They are excited, but will torment themselves with thoughts like Should I be having a smaller wedding? Is a bridal shower ridiculous at my age? Maybe I shouldn’t have a big white dress? Am I acting too young with all of this fuss?

We say – quiet all those voices and just do what feels right to you.

So, here are some of our top wedding planning tips for you:

  • Do what you want.  Don’t feel like you should hold back from having an elaborate event just because you are not in your twenties. If you desire a fancy, high-end wedding reception and have the resources, then go for it! Or, if you prefer a more intimate, smaller wedding, that is fine too. There is no wrong way to celebrate your love.


  • Wear what you want.  If you aren’t comfortable in your dress, you will have a difficult time enjoying the happiest day of your life. Don’t worry about whether you should wear a simple silhouette dress vs. a big white gown. Instead, focus on finding the style that makes you look and feel your best.


  • Go online to get ideas and develop a stunning theme that is easy to create yourself. The benefit of being a bride over 40 is that you know yourself and can create a meaningful theme to reflect who you are as individuals as well as a couple.


  • Let your friends throw you that shower. Invite them to come celebrate your love at your wedding. Remember, now that everyone is older, they are not going to weddings every weekend. Your special event is special for them too. They will be looking forward to getting out and having a great time!


  • Create a memorable reception. Be sure you put together a wedding playlist that reflects you and has the wedding songs of your choice. And, getting music suggestions from friends and family that are attending will help ensure that you will see them on the dance floor (when they hear “their song” being played).


  • Capture the moments.  Your wedding day will go by so fast that it will be hard to remember it all, so make sure to find the right photographer and videographer so that you can enjoy the memories again and again.

And, most importantly…remember that there are no set rules – you should have the wedding that you have been waiting for all these years. So, give yourself permission get excited and enjoy the ride!


We’ve made it easy for you to create your wedding playlist and invite your guests to recommend songs: