4 Easy Ways to Involve Your Friends in Making Your DIY Wedding Great!


Involving family and friends to help with your DIY wedding is a great idea, as long as you make your requests and expectations clear to be sure you are still getting what you want. When you share the vision of your wedding and ask them to be a part of it, they feel more connected to you and the wedding itself.

1. Throw a pre-wedding brunch with friends and have them help you make the centerpieces.

Not that you need an excuse to throw a party, but this is a great one. Set up assembly stations and have your friends help you decorate the centerpieces or put together guest favors over mimosas. You know you will be getting exactly what you want because you are buying all of the supplies. Print out a “how-to” card and put it at each table so that the groups can work together and you can then go table to table, visiting and helping.

2. Assign day before and day of “running around” tasks.

Whether it is picking up the flowers or Uncle Jeff from the airport, assign tasks that involve running from place to place to your friends. Split them up so that you don’t have one person going all over town on the day of your wedding. That way you can be on hand for any last minute needs and it allows you time to get ready for your big day.

3. Capitalize on your friends’ special skills.

Ask your friends who love to bake to bring their favorite dessert. Have a signature dessert card next to each one describing the dish with the person’s name on it. For those friends that sew, enlist them to create the ring bearer’s pillow or chair ribbons. And any friends with good penmanship, or a hidden calligraphy talent, could help make table name cards.  Get creative and use your friends’ talents to help personalize your wedding.

4. Crowdsource your playlist

This one is important because when your guests recommend wedding music, they usually pick songs that they love and will get them on the dance floor. Using an app likeMixteka makes it super simple to get recommendations from your guests.

The most important thing to remember when asking your friends to participate is to make it personal. Either call people individually, or write them a personal note with a specific request. The point is to let them know they are a special friend that you want participating in the wedding, not a second or third tier friend that you will be using for cheap labor.

By involving people and allowing them to contribute to your special day, the day becomes special to them as well.

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